Things moved fast for a while after that. On July 26 most of us with low point scores were transferred from the 103rd to the 9th Division, an occupational unit. First we stayed at Camp Dachau, the famous German concentration camp, then joined B company of the 47th Infantry Regiment, the company being stationed at Unterbruck, another of the many small villages. On the third day here we were again alerted, this time headed for a division going to the Pacific via the states. Japan was rapidly crumbling with Russia's entrance into the war and the effects of the atomic bomb so we felt certain that by the time we had our furlough in the states the war would be over. We were very happy over the prospects. Then in the very moment we were to climb into the trucks, the shipment was cancelled. The Japs had surrendered. So now we were sure we were doomed for the army of occupation....and how right we were!

On Aug. 20 two very pleasant things happened to me! One, I met Ronald Peevler, a boy from home who was in headquarters company of the first battalion; the second was a call to work in the regimental public relations office.

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