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To: Ray Crabtree, Ed Fry, Loyd Black, Ed DeFoe, Ralph Wards, Joe Milhoan, Harold Schreckengost.

Christmas 1991

For many years I have promised myself I would someday add some "footnotes" to my original MUD & GUTS, little incidents I remembered long after the book was typed up in 1945-46. Now recent events and most especially a long letter from Ed DeFoe have pushed me over the brink. So herewith are some block-busters from Ed's memory, some others I have heard from, and some of those I remember now but neglected to include "way back there."


Ed's comments, and others, are referenced by pages in my MUD & GUTS so I am sending copies of these to those I know have copies of M&G. I never heard from Billy Bowles, Gene Carnes, Paul Crawford, Frank Damanti, Don McGonagle. If some of you can "stir them up" to get into this old memory game, please do so!

Art Clayton

( Note: These additional comments and recollections will be printed in italics to differentiate them from the orginal text of MUD AND GUTS.)

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