I am deeply grateful to my brother, Dr. Ken Clayton, for first suggesting and then implementing the idea of scanning my 50-year-old MUD & GUTS, Recollections of World War II, into the modern world of the computer! Ken has put many, many hours of tireless work into the project, displayed his great skill and talents with the computer, and showed unbelievable patience with the numerous corrections and suggestions that I offered. I also thank Ken's wife, Freda, for her understanding, encouragement and patience! - Art Clayton

Added 12/4/2008 by Bruce Clayton: Many of these pages were annotated with letters from Edward F. Defoe, who survived many of the same experiences described by Art Clayton. We regret to report that "Ed of the Frozen North" passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2008, at the age of 89. He died peacefully at home, surrounded by his family, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Added 5/26/2014 by Bruce Clayton: My father passed away on October 10, 2010, aged 92 years and some months. Shortly before Art's death I was contacted by Army Platoon Sergeant D. Dawkins, who had enjoyed reading the Mud & Guts website. He pointed out that all soldiers of the 103rd were retroactively awarded the Bronze Star in 1947 to honor their sacrifices. This happened after the close of the war, so many of them never knew about it. Art was buried with full honors at the Riverside National Cemetary in California.

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