Traditional Karate is nothing like what you see in the movies. It is a fighting technique so powerful that karate masters can cripple attackers using a single blow. That makes a short movie.

Karate is for fighting multiple attackers. In real life there is no time to play patty-cake with the bad guys like the movie stars do. You have to know that one solid hit will change the odds in your favor.

For karate beginners, we recommend these resources:

Jujutsu is a grappling art involving escapes, wrist locks, throws, and submission holds. The Traditional Karate katas contain all of these elements, but most karate schools do not teach them. We believe that most fights do not justify the vicious injuries of karate, so it is important to escape or win without injuring the attacker. For this reason we teach a jujutsu curriculum that compliments our karate.

For beginning jujutsu students, we suggest these resources:

At Claw of the Dragon, we never forget that self-defense has to be real. That's why we follow the traditional path.

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