Claw of the Dragon

Claw of the Dragon is the traditional karate and jujutsu school led by Bruce Clayton and Cindy Rowney, located in Mariposa, CA. Bruce holds the rank of Nanadan (7th degree black belt) in karate and Yondan (4th degree) in San Ten Jujutsu. Cindy is Nidan (2nd degree) in karate and in jujutsu.

In addition, we have Thaddeus Rowney, a teacher in training with blacks belts in karate and jujutsu.

Karate Style: Traditional Shotokan karate. Shotokan is known for its powerful kicks and punches. We follow the traditional path using kata and kumite training. Most adults take four years to reach the black belt level.

Jujutsu Style: San Ten Jujutsu is an eclectic style designed to provide Shotokan with a parallel jujutsu curriculum. The Shotokan katas are full of jujutsu techniques that are not normally taught to karate students. San Ten Jujutsu fills that gap. This style was founded by Soke Justin Butler of Denver approximately ten years ago.

Affiliation: International San Ten Karate Association (ISKA) under Vincent Cruz, 10th degree. Cruz Sensei has been active in karate and other martial arts for over 50 years. International San Ten Jujutsu Association under Justin Butler, 7th degree.

Location and Schedule: Mariposa Academy of Performing Arts, 4607 Hwy 49 South, Mariposa, CA, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Saturday morning by appointment.

Self-Defense: Kyoshi Clayton emphasizes self-defense training. Self-defense might be best described as "dirty fighting." For older students our self-defense training includes a thorough exposure to hand-held weapons and tactics.

Safety policy: Because injuries can happen, safety is paramount. If we ask you to do something you feel is unsafe or beyond your ability, simply say so. Nobody is going to make you hurt yourself.

Fees: We feel that self-defense instruction is a calling, not a business. Members pay modest monthly fees to cover expenses.

Call 209-742-5030 Ask for Kyoshi Bruce Clayton.