Hi everyone!

Below are some of the kind votes of confidence that I have received from satisfied customers.

You are going to have to trust me on these because I am deleting their email addresses and last names for privacy reasons. I have not included any negative ones because there have been so few over the years that I refuse to let them rain on my parade.


Hi Brett,
sorry for getting in touch with you that late but just two days before the cap came the bloody pc died so i had to save a bit of money and get a new one. The cap came about 10 days after you sent it off to germany...must have been the 19th or 20th of August if i remember right...it's absolutely smashing and fits like a dream.. superb work mate..it really is a piece of art. The guy at the customs was also gobsmacked by the quality..i wouldn't be surprised if he would get one himself ^^ the next one is a friend of mine who saw me driving home after work and came to me the following day saying man you have to tell me where to get those cool caps ^^ and then there's my girlfriend who went bananas about it...i don't even get to wear it 'cause she's got it on her head all time :D she wants one even fuller than mine so she can stuck her long hair in there if she wants to but she hasn't chosen a pattern yet So there will be a few orders coming from germany in the near future i guess... ;) i definately get in touch with you again as soon as she chooses a pattern so i can make it a nice gift for her birthday in november ^^ so lets get it rolling over here ;) Best regards Jim


First I'd like to say thank you for the fast shipping, I received the Wild One cap yesterday. The quality and craftsmanship was immediately apparent when I opened the box. I'll be sure to send you some pictures of the complete Johnny Strabler costume for this halloween. Thanks again and good luck with the cap business.

The newsboy arrived extremely quickly.  The quality of your work is outstanding, and this newsboy equals or betters all my other caps, many of which cost far more than your product.  My wife was home when I opened the package, and she was also extremely impressed with the level of detail you put into your work, and just how good the cap looks on me.  I do appreciate this high level of quality for such a very reasonable cost.  Well done!

My new fuller cut cap is so cool. The fabric and cut selected exceeded my expectations. The new size works very well too.

I chose wisely and you made it super cool.

Thank you,


Hi Brett,

I love the cap!  Fits great…looks great.  I will send a pic for your website soon.


Thanks for the cap, (grey wool) it's the best fit and style I've seen  for a long while. Excellent having the band in suede as well, stays on  in the British wind, no problem!
I'd really like one in Donegal Tweed, which I understand you don't  stock. Would there be any chance of getting one made if I sent you the  material? Let me know what you think, even if it's no !

Kind regards




I'm not sure how you work your magic, especially through U.S. mail.  But my cap arrived today, two days after I placed my order from the other side of the country, and it's perfect.

Thank you for putting such care into your work.  And thank you for filling my order so promptly.

As they say in the movies, “I'll be back.”  In the meantime, I'll be spreading the B! Wear Caps word.

Until then,


Brett, your caps arrived today and I must say that I am very impressed.  They fit and look far better than I had hoped, and it doesn't seem to matter the fabric.

You can bet that I am looking forward to purchasing many more, possibly 2-3 more in the next couple weeks.  I will keep your business cards in my wallet and pass them on to anyone interested in having some of their own.
And as soon as I can get some pics taken I will forward one along to add to your gallery.

Great quality and workmanship...and incredible value.  Thank you again, very much.


To: "Brett C. Stiles" <bwear@yosemite.net>

Hello Brett,

I just received this hat this morning. The drape is perfect, I love it!

It was a pleasure,


Hello Brett,
Last year I bought a beautiful Gatsby from you and now I want to buy 2 more, but I need to send the correct head size as you said to do, so here it is...My size is 27 inches ( but that's due to my hair fitting under Gatsby too).. by the way the cap is wicked and gives me great pleasure wearing and also lots of questions as to where I got it from too, soo 2 more for this year will be excellent. So can you confirm that you receive this info and then I'll send through my order.
Take care and regards,

Hi Brett. I got the cap, and it's spectacular!! You always amaze me. This is my third now and I'm already thinking about the next one (brown herringbone is in the lead). Thanks again Brett, Jason
To: bwear@yosemite.net

Received cap today. Perfect as usual. Fit is great. Will be the answer to warmer weather. Wool is too hot for me in the summer. Haven't listened to Cd yet. Will take it out tomorrow in car when we go out for the dreaded food shopping. Had to work 6 to 2 Saturday, but it was all OT. Have to pay for my new fascination..your hats. Thinking about a corduroy for the fall, if that is a possibility or maybe some distressed leather. Let me know...no rush on that, summer isn't even here yet.                                                          Thanks again...Jim P. S.  I told you there would be plenty of material for the hat !!

Hello from Illinois, My name is Jeff and I ordered a cap last year and love it. Last night I ordered 2 more (camel and black) caps. I am not sure the order went throgh to you or not. Please advise so I can reorder if I goofed. Thanks again, Jeff

I got my hat today! As I looked it over I saw the pocket in the back. I thought - he should have made it operable. Big surprise....you did! Cool. I plan to wear it for knocking around. I'm still looking to find a cooler summer hat. I think the wool will be to warm and this hat might be a tad warm too. I wonder what those old timers wore? Thanks again! It looks and feels great! I will send a picture in the spring when I get my old cars out. I need a prop!

Brett, I number of months ago, I order caps with no snaps on the visors.  I would like to order a couple more with no snaps but I wanted to confirm it with you first.  I would like a #2, Charcoal Gray, and a #9, Gray Herringbone.  Both medium and I will pay via paypal. Thanks again, Terry

Brett: As always, superb merchandise and the very, very, prompt delivery is not to be believed. I'll pass your cards to anyone who shows any interest. However, most of the people I know are very happy with their plastic baseball caps, turned backward on their heads. No accounting for taste. Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again. Best Regards,  Larry

Brett,  Sorry for such a late response, but I received the "retooled" light grey cap you made for me a few weeks ago and the fit is PERFECT!. Moving the snap back on the bill really did the trick! The color is much lighter than I expected, but it has grown on me. I was expecting a color more like your #9.  You're probably pretty buried with the holidays right now, but I'd like to have another #6 made with the same specs (big apple, longer bill, snap moved back 1"). Let me know when it would be a good time to Paypal you & what the total will be. Thanks again and Merry Christmas, Dan

Hi Brett The cap arrived safely. It is just what I was hoping for.  You have the vintage look nailed.  Very good value as well.  I will certainly pass on your details to friends and family.
Thanks again Max

Hi Mr Stiles sir, as you predicted the hat showed today! What a beauty and so well made  - it is exactly what i wanted - John Wayne in the Quiet Man ­ if you  know the film
thank you so much

kindest regards

Subject: Re: "Super Mario" type cap To: "Brett C. Stiles" <bwear@yosemite.net>

Brett...you are awesome.
Seriously, thanks.  Buying from you has been very good.  I'd recommend your site to anyone I knew who was looking for a cap of similar style to the one I will soon be wearing.

So, again, thanks, Joshua
To: "Brett C. Stiles" <bwear@yosemite.net>

Hi Brett It arrived an hour after I sent you the e-mail. The cap is great.... Thanks Best Regards Stephen

To: "Brett C. Stiles" <bwear@yosemite.net> Subject: Re: Fwd:

Received the cap. LOVE IT.  Without a doubt the first of many. Thanks Serge


Hi Brett, I just got the hat & it is PERFECT!  I LOVE IT! As soon as it warms up ( it's 20 outside now & going into the single digits tonight) I'll snap a pic of myself, in bitchin' hat, w/'52 Tele & '67 Camaro to add to your site. I will be ordering some more hats as soon as I get some more giggin' under my belt. Thank Charlie again for turning me onto 'ya. Man, this hat is beyond expectations on the coolness & workmanship sides! New York style via Northern Cali to Okieville...who woulda' thunk it??!! Haha!    GREAT JOB BRETT! I will be ordering again soon, I promise!  Cheers!  Mickey
Subject: THANK YOU. To: bwear@yosemite.net

Dear Brett Hello there! I hope you are feeling well and are selling millions of your very fine caps. Thank you for my cap. What can I say, again it is just superb! Infact the best quality new Gatsby style cap that I have ever seen. Even better then the very expensive hand made Gatsby style caps that are produced in the west end of London. Also many thanks for the witty letter, you hit the nail on the head when you write about the ruling class. Best wishes - Zeka.
To: bwear@yosemite.net

Brett... Just received the cap today. I don't what to say. Of all the hats I've ever bought they never seem quite right. I put yours on at 6:00 PM and just took it off at 11:30. Ate dinner with it on , drove the wife crazy. She thinks I'm nuts. This hat feels as if your custom made it on my head. Can't wait to get up and put it on again. We will do business again and your business cards will definitely be asked for by the guys I work with, guaranteed. It's nice to now we still have the ability to make quality goods in the USA .                                                                                   

Thanks again....Jim    

Subject: Re: shipping costs to europe


The cap arrived today and it's great!
  I'll gladly recommend your caps to friends.

With kind regards,

Dear B Wear,

    I would just like to tell you how much I appreciate your quick and prudent shipping with my new hat.  Furthermore, I would like to add that the product itself is easily one of the finest hats I have, and I look forward to doing more business with your company and telling others of your company.

Thanks again,

Subject: Got your order.  I am impressed!! To: bwear@yosemite.net

Hi Bret, After seeing so many positive comments on the Fedora Lounge web site, I became enamored with the look and admiring your line up for a while now.  I finally made the plunge with the purchase of the blue/white herringbone cap last week. Wonderful product and a great, quick shipment from you.  I'll be sending a photo your way soon and definitely ordering another one, if not more. The linen models will suit me great here in California.  If I can just figure out the next one.... Richard W. Pacific Grove, CA
To: <bwear@yosemite.net> Cc: Subject: RE:

Brett, The cap did arrive today!  It is perfect and will make a great gift for my 6-year old son.  I will send pictures. Carl
To: "Brett C. Stiles" <bwear@yosemite.net> Subject: new red cap

I received the red cap on Friday.  I love it; it is a "perfect" fit; it is so warm and goes with the Christmas season and blanket of new fallen snow.  Hope to get a picture to you sometime soon. Thanks, Al B in Omaha
To: <bwear@yosemite.net> Subject:

Thank You very much,and happy holidays to you and yours. I am very pleased with the quality of your product and will be ordering 2 more caps for myself shortly after the first of the year,one in denim and one in grey. Thanks again! Arthur
To: "Brett C. Stiles" <bwear@yosemite.net>

Brett, Unbelievable fast service.  It fits perfect. Great weight for the 7 degree weather this morning.  I could not be more happy. Regards Dan
Hi Brett, The good news at last- the cap has arrived! Don't have a clue where it's been, but it only reached Oxford Sorting Office yesterday. It was with the ParcelForce service, not the Royal Mail, so that explains why they couldn't find it when I spoke to them yesterday. ParcelForce are doing a trace-back at my request- for various reasons we think it has been lying in a suspected terrorist's box at Heathrow Airport! (because it's very light, but quite a big box, and on x-rays it would look like just a blob of material, possibly shielding a small device of some kind). Thanks for your continued interest and check-ups, anyway.
To: <bwear@yosemite.net>


Thank you for the prompt shipment.  I wanted to send a reply after I had opened the package and looked over the cap that I had ordered.

This hat is exactly what I have been looking for,  both in fullness, look, feel and workmanship.

I will be adding your site to my favorites (I am going to order a lighter color hat for the spring and summer) and I plan on taking every opportunity to tell people about your hats.

        Thanks again.