B! Wear Gallery

     I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been loyal customers and have been kind enough to send me a photo. If you have one that you want to share either email it to me or mail me one. I'll use just first names in the captions unless you have a business name that you would like me to include.

Who's the Packer's biggest fan? Got the cap, got the coat, Rob from Queens!

Brian designed it. I made it.


Go Pack Go!!!! Thanks Charley!    

J.H.T in his noo piccher!!!

I knew there was a reason all those years ago why I started making caps: Grand nephew Stephen Fritz WEARIN' IT!

Glenn and the Rocky

A match made in B!Wear heaven.

Richard in his Rocky Mel and B! Wear best friends forever! Daniel and I nailed this custom WWII fabric cap.
Lorry liked this cap so much, he bought another one! Jonathan with the drape exactly right! Christian and B!Wear on the mean streets of Denmark.
Del and Alistair: Two young guns to watch on the circuit! Rick and B!Wear: A "Smart dressed man" for real ! Alan and a couple of mates in the UK .

Brady, hops, and that sweet micro brew!

"You can judge a man by the hat he wears and the motorcar that he drives."

F. Scott Fittzgerald.

Steve clearly knows his caps and his cars.

As John is clearly on an undercover assignment for Her Majesty's Secret Service, I am free to say no more.

"Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." I may be on shakey ground here, but that cap looks so good on TW maybe the principle applies to cap choice as well.

Greg and the granddaughters.

I ask you: Have you ever seen three better faces than these?

Thorsten, setting the style bar in Germany!
Mike and daughter with that Mona Lisa smile. Luis and the finer things in life! B! Wear's best shot at the cover of G.Q.

As my most senior customer, I take great pride in the fact that a man of his experience recognizes and appreciates the quality of my work.

Thanks for the kind words Loran!

B! Wear goes everywhere!

Thanks Al!

Two of my mates from downunder!

Thanks Dieter.



Pat in his favorite cap!
Dan has always liked my caps, but I'm pretty sure that his favorite of all time is the one that his son is wearing.

For those of you who have forgotten what the word "dapper" means, I give you Peter!

Anna and me in the Bavarian Alps at 1700 Meters (5577 ft) with your fantastic caps. We both really love them.
Thank you very much Carsten

Alistair, cranially gifted, wearing the fuller cap.

John in a Vette and B! Wear!

Now we're talkin'!

Bella Nina! Una mujer fantastica!



Paddy WEARING that cap!
Bob in the "Rocky" Thanks again Bob!
Asa braving the cold of Ontario.
Wayne sporting it in the great outdoors.
Ken showing that the Brits may have the tradition, but we've got the style.
Ian and another of the Rufneks showing the colors.
If Grisham and Faulkner wrote a novel:
My friend Dan.
Bill and Emily
Connor wrote Santa for a cap.Santa knows cool!

Terry, Franco, Mean Joe, Jerome, Hector.
Steelers forever!

Mehmet, in the cap of course!

Jim, straight outta Fife in bonny Scotland.
Marcus at Storico di Spoleto
Randall rockin' the Rocky.

 You've got the car, now get the right cap!

The three Amigos breaking the bank at Laughlin.
Lance in a classic, the car's a beauty too.
The Levy Clan

Bill with his 1930 Model A beauty
Bike, Babe, B! Wear........Big sigh

I know it's only Rock and Roll, 

but I like it, like it, yes I do!

If you don't know Blackberry Smoke already, grant me the privilege of introducing you

Jeroen keeping that beat in the Netherlands.

Rock & Roll, Bikes and B! Wear

Thanks Gregory!

The Hellcat Choir playing that Irish music in Boston of course!
        Werner on bass in Austria. 
Pete: "The Groover"
Mr. Clinton, it is a Pfunk honor.
Joey playing that Right Foot  Fred
Dave rockin' in the USA
     The man can play!    http://www.ronlasalle.com
My Peeps!
Frank: Kickin back.
Brando's got nuthin' on Terri!
Maz in a custom charcoal gray biker
Chuck, Marianne and B! Wear in Tibet!
Thomas celebrating the season in Georgia.
B! Wear all over the world thanks to Chuck and Marianne.

Marcus at Castle Drogo



Swiss Farmer

Mike doing a little time traveling in a pimpalicious cap.
 Now that's a customer pic!
Richard demonstrating that if you look this good, age ain't nothing but a number.

The Hat Man

Life in the slow lane.
What a long strange trip it's been!
Coaching The Rascals: As good as life gets.
Walkathon for breast cancer research
B! Wear Corporate headquarters
The Stiles men and you know Dad won the skins game!
47 lb. Salmon, Feather River circa. 1987
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