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It is commonly called a Gatsby cap. If you're from the East coast, back in the day you might have called it an Apple cap.Wherever you've been it's a newsboy cap. For those of you in the know, a Townie told me that my caps are so close to an authentic Southie that any Teamster would be proud to wear one. I can make you a wool cap, a linen cap, or a denim cap.I first made the Speedster cap in 1972. America! I am here to free you from the tyranny of the baseball cap. If you are driving an antique car you need my cap, not a ball cap. Buy yourself a cap that has stood the test of time, but doesn't look like every other head in the crowd. If you are a Packers fan or support the Bulldogs or the Mariposa Grizzlies show your team colors in a B! Wear Cap. And if you are that special customer who has a custom cap in mind, email me and we'll talk about it.

I am the Hat Man. I am B! Wear Cap Co.

I design and make all of the hats that I offer for sale. This assures you of a quality product made of the finest fabrics with features and style that are not available in mass produced hats and caps.

I place a wire in the bill of each cap so that it can be shaped in whatever manner you prefer. They are also cut with an extra bit of fabric so that you can drape them as you please. While the weight of the fabric may somewhat affect the appearance of the cap, all of the Gatsbys are cut from the same pattern. If you look at cap # 10, #11, and #12 you will get an idea of how the same cap can be worn in a number of different ways. All of the caps have eight sections on top.

If you are interested in freedom and style, my freedom, your style, follow the instructions and you will soon be wearing a:

B! Wear cap!

I am the Hat Man!      
Brett C. Stiles
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  Gatsby Wool
When I was in college I spent a lot of time on the Art Museum steps so here's my "Rocky" cap. Shown in the light gray, dark gray herringbone . Inquire if you want another fabric.
Black and white crescent
light gray
navy blue
black and white wool tweed
      Black and white
Light Gray            Navy Blue Black and white wool                     
tan herringbone
     Blue Tweed                      Black        Tan Herringbone                 Green
Tan harris tweed
Harris Tweed Herringbone
Harris Tweed tan cross hatch   Barleycorn
Brown Vintage herringbone  
        Vintage Fabrics        Limited Editions
  Used denim and cotton          
          Each blue denim cap has a pocket and seam section
         Denim with snap
   Denim no snap      Undyed Denim
     Click here to view a 360 video of a B! Wear cap.  
oversize cap
oversize side view
A number of you have asked for a fuller cap with a larger bill. It is
                                                 finally here!
Please email me with your order information (You may choose any of the fabrics on the site. Please check for availability.) and I will reply with a PayPal request for payment. The price on this cap is $50.
custom cap
       Custom Caps
If you have a custom cap in mind you can send me 1/2 yard of material. I charge my standard price, but you can get exactly what you want. In this example my long time customer and life coach Steve sent me a cashmere scarf that I used to make this fine looking cap.
naturel linen
Light brown linen
yellow linen
        Natural Linen    Light Brown Linen       Yellow Linen
Release your inner            "Wild"
Denim Speedster
White Speedster
                 Denim Speedster
      available in lighter color
                if you prefer.
   White Speedster
                           Team Colors
red and white
green and gold
Cleveland Browns
green and white
blue and gold
Red and white Green and Gold       Cleveland
    Green and
Blue and Gold
Notre Dame
Sooner side
Sooner rear
Sooner front
If you wish to personalize your cap, as The Rufneks have done, contact an embroidery service in your area. Let me know that you intend to do this and I will ship the cap unlined with a lining enclosed. Your embroidery service should be able to install the lining for you. If you want a combination of colors not shown here contact me and I can add that color combo if available. You can also send me a patch as seen in some of the caps above.The maximum demension should be approximately 3". These caps are not listed on the order form so please contact me for details on ordering.
Black and white     herringbone
Multi-color Tweed
Charcoal Gray
Gray Tweed
Dark brown tweed
    Biker Black Biker